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Behind the Beautiful Forevers  NT Live in HD
Behind the Beautiful Forevers NT Live in HD 05/28/15

May 28, 2015  7 pm   Collins Center for the Arts

Price: Adults $18  Students $8  (All ticket fees included)   Call for group rates

India is surging with global ambition. But beyond the luxury hotels surrounding Mumbai airport lies a makeshift slum, full of people with plans of their own. Zehrunisa and her son Abdul aim to recycle enough rubbish to fund a proper house. Sunil, twelve and stunted, wants to eat until he's as tall as Kalu the thief. Asha seeks to steal government anti-poverty funds to turn herself into a 'first-class person', while her daughter Manju intends to become the slum's first female graduate.  But their schemes are fragile; global recession threatens the garbage trade, and another slum-dweller is about to make an accusation that will destroy herself and shatter the neighbourhood. 



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